„Always in search of that precious moment where emotions are released, unique moods are created and stories are to be told.“

Born and raised in Austria, Christina moved to Berlin to start her career with the academic studies of photography aiming for the bachelor degree of arts. Confronted with the wide spectrum photography has to offer she soon was drawn to the genre of fashion photography. Since then she is translating her vision in photographic images as a freelance photographer in Berlin. 

Taking her inspiration from light chasing shadows, the interplay of fabric and bare skin, hidden details that secretly uncover, contrasts that blend together, emotions expressed by one-of-a-kind characters.


Published in: Cosmopolitan Serbia / L’Officiel Lithuania / Schön! / Le Mile / Beauty Archive / Beautiful Blood TV / Latest Magazine / The Forumist / French Fries / Asian Fusion Magazine / Cool UK / Kaltblut Magazine / MMScene / Contributor Magazine / Rogue Magazine / The Forest Magazine / Superior Magazine / Lucy’s / KODD Magazine / AY Magazine / Fashion Shift Magazine / Humble Magazine / Splendor Magazine / Just Fashion Magazine 


Clients: KESS Berlin / Lemonhead LASephora / Even&OddChoses Jewelry / Bitte&Danke Jewelry / Mori Mori / Maren Sahl-Bauer / Nikike.designs / NOAS Berlin / Thull.BerlinYOU ARE Bridal Concept Store#dmkk